What to expect from the Bowen session

Prior to your Session

I advise you to drink plenty of water. There is no need to be concerned about un-dressing. As long as you can wear thin, loose cotton clothing, I can work through your clothes. I aim to make you feel as comfortable as possible and will endeavour to keep you well draped with towels at all times.

At the beginning of each session

On your first visit, I will take your full health history and discuss your presenting problems in detail. We will begin each subsequent visit with a review of your general health as well as go through any feedback since your previous session. You will be required to fill in a “Client Form”. I will talk you through it and am happy to help you fill it should you prefer.

During the session

Bowen therapy moves are performed in sets of 2 to 8 moves and the pressure used is mostly very gentle. I will leave the room for 2-5 minutes after every set of moves has been performed. This is necessary to allow the body time to assimilate the work.
It is very common that you may feel your body responding immediately. This can be in many forms i.e. you may feel certain muscles are moving and readjusting themselves from within. You may even feel things beginning to click into place or may just feel your whole body relaxing and all tensions and pains easing away.
It is very common for people to fall asleep during the session. This is all part of the process where your body starts to relax and allow the brain to re-adjust, re-align and re-vitalise you.
The actual hands on time can vary between 15 to 45 minutes based on your bodies individual capacity to assimilate. This can only be judged during the session. If at any point I feel your body can not cope with more work, I will stop. It is a crucial skill to know when to stop and not overload the body.

After the session

At the end of the session I will show you how to get up carefully and give you a glass of water. It is very important to keep your body well hydrated.
The Treatment will continue to work for several days after the treatment. You will receive a 'Client After Care Sheet' highlighting all the advised after care. It is all quite simple and doable, such as drinking plenty of water to keep well hydrated, taking plenty of rest to prevent re-injury, always getting onto your feet by putting equal weight on both feet and if possible not sitting for long periods of time.

How many sessions to expect?

It is hard to say beforehand exactly how many sessions anyone may need as it is entirely dependant on the individual, their needs, how long they have been suffering as well as how much their body is able to assimilate in any one session. However I recommend that a minimum of 6 sessions should be sufficient for simple musculoskeletal issues. Long standing and more chronic conditions may take considerably longer.
For those of you whose profession doesn’t allow you to rest the body, the chances of re-injury are high. Once the initial problem has been resolved, I recommend you return for regular monthly sessions to maintain and strengthen your body.


Note of Caution

I would like to remind you that this is a Complementary therapy and I always recommend people discuss their health concerns with their General Practitioner. If having done so you would like to try the more gentle and non-invasive Bowen Therapy, please feel free to contact me to book a consultation.
Also please remember to continue with all your prescribed medication and care instructions given by your medical practiotioners/consultants.

If you have any concerns please feel free to share them at any point with myself and also your doctors.


"I had been living with joint pain for the past 4 years and had been told there was no cure. However, 12 weeks later it has almost entirely disappeared. Thank you Seema"
Lizzie Roberts
"I almost instantly noticed relief in the pain in my shoulder and was able to raise it higher without pain."
"I've had problems with my knees, when i am going upstairs, I get shooting pains in my knees and I've noticed in the first week that, that pain has gone."
"Despite my doubts this has been very effective in treating my Tennis Elbow."
"Seema, you have fixed my hip, straightened my shoulders, straightened my spine and given me my life back and I owe you the world."
Mieke Gadd
"I've not got pain in my left leg and it is the first time I have sat like this in ages."
"I've just noticed so much more strength in my arm and mobility."
"Found the sessions very relaxing and always slept through the night afterwards."

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I am DBS checked and fully insured. I have a full qualification in the Bowen Technique. I have been working for several years and have helped people of all ages.
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