How hydrated are you?

How Hydrated Are You?

In record high temperatures, we need to stay hydrated, not with Fruit juices, normal teas and coffees but with water i.e. H2O. How do we know if we are hydrated enough? Checking your urine colour is generally a good indicator.

Why do we need to stay hydrated?

Our bodies are predominantly made of water and water is required for many of our bodily functions. According to H.H. Mitchell, Journal of Biological Chemistry 158,

Water composition of our major organs is;

Brain 73%
Heart comprise 73%
Lungs 83%
Skin 64%
Muscles 79%
Kidneys 79%
Bones 31%

Water helps to regulate our body temperature.
Water helps to flush out toxins from our body through the excretory system.
Water helps with digestion.
Water helps on a cellular level.
Water is present in the synovial fluid in our joints and helps lubricate the joints .
Water plays a large part in the transportation of nutrients and oxygen throughout our body.

What could happen if we don’t stay hydrated?

We could develop issues with the kidney and can develop kidney stones.
We may develop UTI (urinary tract infection), sharp/ burning pain when passing urine.
Water retention
Stiffness in joints
Feeling of Dizziness

How can we tell from the colour of the urine how dehydrated we are?

The darker the urine the more we need to drink. If the urine is more reddish colour, it may be due to several reasons i.e., maybe you’ve consumed foods like beetroot that may colour the urine and stool. Certain medications and supplements can also affect the colour of the urine too.

Is it possible to be over hydrated?

Yes, it is. If the urine is clear, it may be an indication that you are over hydrating and should moderate your water consumption a little.

Is this advice applicable to everyone?

No, as with all medical advice there are exceptions i.e, if you are on fluid restriction due to a heart condition. Always follow your doctors guidelines and when in doubt seek medical advice.

How hydrated are you?

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