Is Bowen therapy suitable for babies?

Does your baby or toddler cry a lot? Is it hard to get them to sleep? Have you tried everything and nothing seems to help? As they can't communicate very well, a lot of the time it's just guesswork but not with the Bowen Technique.

A mum brought her baby to see me, he had a nasty cough and had trouble sleeping. The G.P.'s had already given him two set's of antibiotics one after the other and even some steroids but it had all failed. He was then put on a three-month-long waiting list to see a Paediatrician.

The mum was exhausted from sleepless nights, stress and anxiety. It was at that point they came to see me.

The mum reported some improvement every time I saw them and in just a few sessions he was back to his happy, joyful and playful self.

By the time he was seen by the Paediatrician, he had fully recovered and was discharged straight away.

Do you know someone who is struggling with their child? Are you interested in learning how this technique can help you get your life back?

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Can Bowen Therapy help babies?

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