Can Bowen Therapy help Whiplash Injury?

Have you had an accident and are suffering with whiplash? Bowen therapy is a gentle, natural and effective way to treat whiplash. I have just received a testimonial from someone who had been suffering for a while.

'Following a car accident, I was suffering from a rota cuff injury in my shoulder. I was chatting to Seema at a networking event and she performed a small treatment on my shoulder. It was amazing, I almost instantly noticed relief in the pain in my shoulder and was able to raise it higher without pain. Thank you so much. I am hoping to go for a longer treatment soon and I highly recommend trying Bowen Therapy if you are suffering any pain.'
Catherine Blackburn

Are you suffering from whiplash injuries and want to get the range of movement back and be pain-free? It is very easy to treat your injuries with the Bowen technique.

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I am DBS checked and fully insured. I have a full qualification in the Bowen Technique. I have been working for several years and have helped people of all ages.
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