Can Bowen Therapy help Asthma?

Asthma has become a common condition. Almost everyone knows someone who is suffering from this debilitating condition. Some develop it from childhood and then grow out of it by adulthood whereas others develop it as adults.

Asthma U.K. Statistics

Asthma UK facts and Statistics from 2016 (the most recent data available) Asthma UK Charity.

In the UK 5.4 million people receiving asthma treatment:
1 in 11 children
1 in 12 adults
Every ten seconds someone is having a potentially life-threatening attack.
In the U.K. alone, 3 people die from an asthma attack every day.
1,484 people died from an asthma attack (in 2017).

What Causes Asthma Attacks?

Asthma can be caused by various factors like;
Allergies (pet, food, dust, chemicals)
Food intolerances
It can also be hereditary.

Early Symptoms Of An Asthma Attack?

Asthma attacks build-up starting from an initial difficulty breathing, dry cough, tightness and pain in the chest, cough during the night, difficulty breathing and wheezing. The heart rate increases as the body struggles to breathe. The cough can cause capillaries in the face to get damaged which can be seen.

What happens In The Body During An Asthma Attack?

Certain things can trigger the sensitive airways in asthmatics to ‘flare-up’, causing the muscles around the airways to contract making the airways swell and become narrow, making it harder to breathe.

Key organs involved in an asthma attack are not just the lungs but also the diaphragm. Normally the diaphragm contracts when breathing in and then relaxes to allow expiration.

However, with asthma, the diaphragm goes into spasm and may be at a level of constant contraction. This allows the asthmatic to breathe in but becomes increasingly difficult to breathe out.

How Bowen Therapy Can Help Asthma

Bowen therapy is a natural and gentle way to manage Asthma. The Bowen moves act directly through (the nerves in the fascia onto) the nervous system by relaxing and soothing it, which in turn relaxes and releases the tension in the diaphragm allowing the asthmatic to exhale and therefore breathe easier.

Over time this:
Improves breathing
Reduces the number of attacks and their severity.
Reduces the sensitivity to the triggers
Helps them respond better to the medication when needed
Reduces the need for medication

I like to teach my clients how to perform a small Bowen emergency move they can do themselves when they feel a tightness beginning to build so they manage the condition themselves. This move is also excellent for hiccups or coughing–even anxiety or panic attacks to help relieve and tight chest and normalise breathing.

When I qualified from the Bowen Association, the first thing I did was treat my asthmatic son. He used to suffer from severe asthma, sometimes I didn't know if he would last the night. He had his first attack at the age of 9 months. As a mother, I had watched him suffer and struggle to do the one thing we all take for granted-breathe. I used to be up for nights on end, holding him over my shoulder, rubbing his back and praying for a miracle.

I used the Blue Ventolin and the Brown Becotide inhaler. I hated giving my baby these medicines but I didn't know any other way to help him. They seemed to help him a bit but not much more than that.

Bowen therapy changed everything. Initially, it helped him get over his attacks quicker, then it made them less frequent and less severe and eventually got rid of the condition altogether. Bowen Therapy helped my son get his life back. Thanks to Bowen Therapy he is now a happy, sporty and confident person.

I have since seen it work its wonder on numerous other asthmatics.

If you suffer from asthma or know someone who suffers from this debilitating condition please help them by giving them the hope they need and tell them about my story.

Please note that the emergency Bowen move does not replace proper medical intervention in the case of a full asthma attack.


Asthma UK
Asthma UK


‘I used to suffer from severe asthma attacks that would last days. I had to take Becotide (the brown steroid) inhaler every day and the Ventolin (the blue) inhaler every few hours during the attack. Thanks to Bowen therapy, I no longer suffer from Asthma attacks.’

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