Are you living with pain?

Are you living with pain and consequently relying on painkillers/steroids or anti-inflammatory drugs to get you through the day? Do you feel like you have exhausted all avenues and can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel?

I am a Southam based National Award-winning Bowen therapist and I help people living with pain get their life back.

Unlike other hands-on therapies that use forceful manipulations, Bowen Therapy is a natural, gentle and effective way to restore balance to the body. It is holistic and works on all levels; mental, physical and emotional well-being. It balances the nervous system relaxing your entire body through a sequence of small non-invasive gentle moves made at specific points on your body.

Bowen therapy is a natural way to relieve pain. It is also an effective treatment for a wide range of problems from sports injuries, P.S.D., backaches, Plantar fasciitis, trapped nerves like Sciatica, frozen shoulder, and loads more.

It is also very effective when treating neurological issues like Fibromyalgia and also paralysis as in Bell’s Palsy.

What Issues Can Bowen Therapy Help With?

What Can Bowen Therapy Help?

What is Bowen Therapy / Technique?

Bowen Therapy is a natural and gentle hands-on therapy. Bowen therapy works through the nervous system and addresses the body as a whole rather than isolated issues.

What Can Bowen Therapy Treat?

Bowen Therapy is very effective in treating Sciatica, Neck and Back Problems, Postural Issues, Asthma, Musculo Skeletal Problems, Arthritis, Anxiety, Sports Injuries &

What To Expect From Bowen Therapy Session

I will perform gentle precise sets of moves over specific muscles, ligaments and tendons with a few minutes gaps in between to allow the brain to register the moves.


"I've not got pain in my left leg and it is the first time I have sat like this in ages."
"Found the sessions very relaxing and always slept through the night afterwards."
"I almost instantly noticed relief in the pain in my shoulder and was able to raise it higher without pain."
"I've had problems with my knees, when i am going upstairs, I get shooting pains in my knees and I've noticed in the first week that, that pain has gone."
"I had been living with joint pain for the past 4 years and had been told there was no cure. However, 12 weeks later it has almost entirely disappeared. Thank you Seema"
Lizzie Roberts
"I've just noticed so much more strength in my arm and mobility."
"Seema, you have fixed my hip, straightened my shoulders, straightened my spine and given me my life back and I owe you the world."
Mieke Gadd
"Despite my doubts this has been very effective in treating my Tennis Elbow."

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I am DBS checked and fully insured. I have a full qualification in the Bowen Technique. I have been working for several years and have helped people of all ages.
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Seema Barba Winner 2021 Award
Seema Barba